A Standing Ovation

I want to tell you how thrilled my family and I have been working with Steve Rosen.  He is a super professional, the likes of which I have not seen before.  We met him at an open house a few months ago and knew this was the guy to work with.  I told him our situation - that we wanted to rent for a year and then buy.  Steve proceeded to show us, without a canned type of approach, that buying now was both affordable and prudent.

He found those houses that fit our criteria, narrowing the search to those that fit the bill.  He is tremendously knowledgeable about the market and about people.  I always had a feeling that he was looking out for us, and would get a deal done.

After we got a contract, he was meticulous in every detail and anticipated the problems that might arise.  He helped arrange excellent financing for us and effect a smooth closing.

Please let me say that in my business as a money manager, I work closely with sales and marketing people every day.  After a while it is easy to tell those who are gifted, diligent, and can get the job done.  Steve is without a doubt the best of the best.

As a final tribute, my wife wants to put him in our will so that when we die, he should have the listing.  I'm not joking.


Jerry Lichen

A Satisfied Client

This is an unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Steve Rosen.  Because I was so pleased with the manner in which Steve was handling the marketing and sale of my home (which was under construction during the entire process), I told Steve that I would write this letter before we had an accepted offer on the house.

I am a very discriminating judge of, and at times a demanding user of services of this sort.  I have worked with several residential real estate brokers and have a lot of experience with them from a buying, selling and legal perspective.  Not only have I bought and sold several homes, I also am a lawyer and have represented numerous individuals in a legal capacity in a connection with the purchase and sale of residential properties.  Accordingly, I believe that I am very qualified to assess Steve's abilities.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Steve to anyone desiring to sell their home in the Boca Raton or surrounding areas.

I was building a home in a new subdivision on the West side of Boca Raton and, during the middle of construction, I decided to sell my home.  Needless to say, I was very anxious regarding the prospect of having to pay for the home at closing and the return to me of the substantial down payment to the builder.

Throughout the process, Steve was straight forward, hardworking, detail oriented, a tough (but fair) negotiator and aggressive in his approach to selling my home.  Most importantly, Steve's knowledge of the market and his prediction as to how the sale would unfold (i.e., when we would get an acceptable offer, the ultimate sale amount, etc...) were truly remarkable.  It was almost as if Steven had a "crystal ball".

Simply put, Steve was a pleasure to work with.  He kept me very calm during a difficult period.  He is a consummate professional and I was very fortunate to have him on my side.


Jonathan D. Kron

Excellent Customer Service

We feel compelled to write to you to describe the performance of  Robin and Steven Rosen throughout the sale and marketing process of our home in Boca Falls.  Not only was this the best real estate experience we�ve ever had (4 moves in the past 3 years) but it was the best customer service we have ever received in our lives!  Customer focused, proactive, professional, insightful, responsive are not adjectives for the Rosens, this is how they live.  Couple the above with an outstanding integrated sales and marketing program and we feel strongly that you have the model real estate agents!  I would like to give you some background and examples to illustrate our convictions.

We were referred to Steven by a close friend whose home Steven and Robin had sold.  We called Steven at noon and we agreed to meet that evening at our home.  Steven did an excellent job explaining the sales process via his marketing binder in addition to presenting us with a very thorough market analysis which allowed us to correctly price our home.  The marketing technique that most impressed us was the recorded phone message describing our home to potential buyers.  All of the above was fantastic, however, the reason we decided to list with Steven and Robin was that all components were prepared in under 5 hours which displayed to us proactiveness and  agents that were completely buttoned up!

We received constant feedback both verbally and written on the activity of the house throughout the listing.  This was especially important to us because we relocated to California and were caught up with the relocation while Steven and Robin took care of the details and always reached out for us.  Early in the listing we received a low ball offer which Steven worked up to an almost acceptable purchase price.  Since it was early in the listing and we knew what comparative properties had sold for we were reluctant to make early major concessions.  Steven�s professionalism became very apparent to us as he truly represented our position and did not pressure us to make the deal just so he could receive a commission, moreover, he was constantly winning concessions from the other party.  Unfortunately, the deal was not made which was a good thing as we closed on the house 30 days later on a subsequent offer for an additional $11,500.

Steven and Robin�s excellent customer focus originates from their insight.  Steven dedicated most of his Thanksgiving day to finalize the deal.  The deal closed 5 days later, however, not without several problems that were ironed out by Steven.  During the final inspection some minor problems were noted and needed repair.  Steven contacted a roof repairman and a handyman and provided us with estimates before we even had a chance to address the issue.  The repairs were completed $900 less than the inspector�s estimates and were documented via camera � Steven�s camera � he climbed on the ladder to document the repairs to ensure a smooth closing.  He attended each inspection and represented us at the closing meeting.  To top it off, Steven called us 2 days after the closing meeting to ensure we had received our money.


Throughout this entire process it never took the Rosens longer than 5 minutes to return any of our phone calls or pages!  I am not sure if you have an employee of the year, offer customer service awards or give bonuses, however, we recommend that the Rosens be awarded all three!  We hope that you recognize Steven and Robin in some form for this outstanding experience.  We would be more than happy to speak to you personally or to any other  potential client with reference to the abilities of Steven and Robin Rosen!  This was truly a pleasurable experience.


With Best Regards,


Craig and Pam Straky